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Mas Oyama Karate NZ Kyokushin Kaikan (MOKNZ)

With over 150 years’ experience between our leading three Shihans we offer highly qualified and internationally recognised instruction. They form a strong leadership team for New Zealand dojos. The MOKNZ Dojos throughout the country also boast highly qualified and experienced instructors.

What is

Kyokushin Karate

Kyokushin is often referred to as the “strongest karate” due to the advanced form of full contact karate created by the late Masutatsu Oyama. Kyokushin fighters are known world-wide for their powerful full contact fighting expertise.

Kyokushin Karat
Where are our Dojos/Clubs based?

Where are our

Dojos/Clubs based?

Mas Oyama Karate NZ KyokushinKaikan has dojos throughout New Zealand, led by highly respected instructors who welcome new members and people of all abilities and ages.

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Upcoming Events

Mas Oyama Kyokushin New Zealand Open Full Contact Karate Tournament 2018

August 11th 2018
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Haeata Community Campus Auditorium, 240 Breezes Road, Christchurch 8061

Start time: 12.00PM

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MOKNZ AGM Wellington

6th October 2018
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Enquiries to Shihan Mike Kenworthy:

North Island Black Belt Shinza

3rd November 2018
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Location Kenworthy Dojo, Whanganui

Enquiries to Shihan Mike Kenworthy:

South Island Black Belt Shinza

November 17th 2018
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Location to be advised.

Enquiries to Shihan Graeme Gavegan:

How will

Kyokushin benefit me?

Kyokushin is more than just an effective form of self defence. It’s an ultimate form of fitness training providing an intense, full-body workout that improves stamina, speed, power, flexibility and pure strength. It's also a workout for the mind, enhancing your instinctual tactical thinking, reflexes, self confidence, and mental toughness. Kyokushin is designed to make you stronger, fitter, faster, and with more self-belief and self-control than you ever thought possible.

How will Kyokushin benefit me
How did Mas Oyama Karate NZ Kyokushinkaikan (MOKNZ) come about

How did

Mas Oyama Karate NZ Kyokushinkaikan (MOKNZ) come about?

We were the first to bring Kyokushin karate to New Zealand. In 1965 Shihan Doug Holloway introduced Kyokushin karate training to New Zealand after returning from Japan where he was personally trained by Masutatsu Oyama. Shihan Doug has continued to foster the art and it has risen from strength to strength throughout New Zealand. Shihan Doug remains the chairman of MOKNZ, together with 7th Dans: Graeme Gavegan (South Island Branch Chief) and Mike Kenworthy (North Island Branch Chief), they form the leading executive of the Mas Oyama Karate NZ Kyokushin Kaikan.

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